Poker Variations

That’s enough about online casino games.. lets get back to poker… time to go back to some basics…

When you hear the word ‘Poker’, there are actually many different variations of poker games, each with their own set of unique poker rules.   There are certain playing strategies which can be applied to each type of poker game; in order to improve the chances of winning.   Anyone can use these special techniques… of course, without exceeding the poker rules!

The ‘pot’ represents the amount of cash which players place during a game or a single hand, depending on the variant of poker… not something else ok!!!

The difference between certain poker variations consists of the way the cards are dealt, on the way one can form a hand, and how many bets are allowed during a game.   There are three different types of poker; each of them having their own peculiarity: Stud, Draw and Community Poker.

1. Stud poker:

With this variation of poker, some cards are dealt face up, whilst others are face down, the number of cards dealt varies.   If you are playing seven card stud poker – three face down cards and four face up cards are dealt.

After each dealt card, the players place their bets.   The most common stud poker used to be played with three cards dealt to each player, but now the most popular stud-variant of poker seems to be seven card stud.

2. Draw poker:

With this type of poker, players are dealt cards before a betting round takes place.   They form their own hand by drawing or replacing cards for the upcoming rounds.   All cards are face down.   The most common draw card variant is five card draw.

3. Community poker:

This type of poker is when each player gets face down cards and besides these, there are certain common cards, also known as ‘shared cards’ or community cards; these are dealt face up in the middle of the table. Players need to make the best possible hand using their own and common cards together.   The one who has the best card combination is the winner.   The most well known and favorite community card game is Texas Hold’em.

The above mentioned categories of poker are the most well known around the world.   Many professional poker players have their favorite type of poker and have their own playing techniques.   In order to play in the most appropriate way, you need to possess a specific knowledge and you have to know how to handle your cards.   There are particular strategies which can be used for improving your game; but you are also required to have some skills, so that you can develop a ‘feel’  for the game of poker and play with your heart… hmmm
It is extremely important for a poker player to have a ‘Poker Face’ which means that you know how to disguise yourself; you have to know how to ‘act’ during your game, so that your opponents cannot figure out what kind of hand you have.

Your ‘Poker Face’ depends on you, on how good an actor you are, on your poker experience and what sort of ‘poker character’ you are.

It is important to pay attention to your opponents’ facial expressions and reactions while playing, because they can give away many signs.   But also take into consideration that these people may act differently just to mislead you.

The best way to learn about poker faces and body language is by playing poker and practicing as much as you can.   Poker is a game where you are put up into different situations every time you play, forcing you to use a lot of different poker skills.

You cannot play poker unless you know the specific poker rules, and you must know how to handle your cards.   There is also a huge element of luck, because the cards that are dealt, play a great role in your success.   At first, the cards play a vital role and will influence your decisions, but it is all up to you and how you take advantage of and play with the cards.
You will notice that every single player has a certain method of playing or strategy which is quite difficult to figure out, especially for a beginner.   You should practice as much as possible in order to come up with different ideas and playing methods, to form your own strategy.

After some time, you will also figure out which is the best way to act during your game, so that your behavior can mislead your opponents’ ideas and make them ‘judge’ your hand in the wrong way.   You will develop your ‘Poker Face’, as you play more and more.

When playing online poker, the situation is totally different.   This does not mean that playing poker in an online poker room is not fun and exciting.   It’s just that online gamblers have different tastes and preferences, which is why they prefer online poker.

On one hand, many people think that it is much more exciting to play in a land based casino or to take part in poker tournaments and sit around the table with your opponents.   Other gamblers consider that online poker is more advantageous.   In an online poker room, one can play anytime you want to, 24/7.

Another reason why some prefer playing online poker is that they do not have the same ‘stage fright’ that they would have when playing around a table in a land based casino.   Of course, this is because they don’t have to look into their opponents’ eyes or they don’t need to be anxious that the other players can figure out what kind of cards they have.   In such circumstances, they don’t have to show their ‘Poker Face’.

When you play in an online poker room, you cannot be seen by anyone and you shouldn’t feel nervous, because your opponents cannot observe your reactions.   It’s your choice: you can take part in certain poker tournaments in land based casinos, or you can also sign up for tournaments in online poker rooms.   You just need to know the poker rules and you have to make sure that you are prepared to play for real cash.

Remember that you should never begin playing careless, without thinking about the consequences.   What’s more: you should not start playing for cash before you feel that you have the right knowledge and poker experience.   Do your best to achieve a certain level at which you can calmly bet for real cash and know that you can trust your poker skills.

Choose an online casino or online poker room which is secure and honest.   Most importantly – have some fun at your favorite poker game!